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7 Family-friendly Restaurants in Warsaw

Last updated on September 24, 2019

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Since we became parents, we realized how important it is to find family-friendly restaurants in Warsaw. For the past couple of months, we have been exploring some of them and we decided to share this information with you.

For us, it has been a blast to find these places as we can leave our daughter in the kids’ corner and eat our meals in peace!

Trattoria da Antonio – ul. Wlodarzewska

This is our most recent Sunday discovery 🙂 As the name suggests, it is an Italian restaurant. The one that we went to is located in Ochota, however, there are two other restaurants in Warsaw that you could check out.

In Ochota, you can book a table in the child playground room. There is a big playground and just next to it there are 3 tables so that you can watch out your children while eating.

In addition to that, on Sunday we could really enjoy our lunch without any problems as there was a babysitter in the playground that was looking after the kids.

Let’s also not forget about the food itself! It is really tasty. We were simply amazed by the starter with mozzarella and parma ham! This is truly one of great family-friendly restaurants in Warsaw 🙂

Basil & Lime, ul. Pulawska 27

This is a perfect place for all Thai lovers. The restaurant is located in Mokotow area and offers everything you need for perfect family time.

Inside, you can find a playground, full of toys for your children not to get bored. Additionally, during weekends you can take advantage of some animations and workshops.

The restaurant also offers a special menu for the little ones. You can find there things like chicken broth with noodles, chicken skewers, chicken in sweet and sour sauce.

Nabo, ul. Zakret 8

family friendly restaurant in Warsaw

This Polish-Dutch restaurant is located in Sadyba district. The menu includes a large selection of fish dishes, soups, salads and sandwiches.

There is a separate playroom in which children have a lot of board games and books at their disposal, as well as a large wall for drawing. In the garden in front of the restaurant, there is a real playground.

If you go there, children will have something to do and you will eat some delicious food 🙂

Boska, ul. Okrzei 23

One of our favourite family-friendly restaurants in Warsaw. It is located on the right side of the Vistula river, in the building of a former steam mill.

Children can go crazy in the play corner under the watchful eye of an animator who appears every weekend. If you are a dog lover, this place is also perfect for you. Your dog can join the play, waiting for a bowl of water.

Der Elefant, Plac Bankowy 1

In 2016, Der Elefant received the Kids Friendly distinction of the English-language monthly Warsaw Insider magazine.

The restaurant not only has a playroom, but also a children’s cooking studio – Warsaw Cooking University – where every Saturday and Sunday children and parents can take part in cooking classes.

La Bottega Toscana, ul. Cybernetyki 3

A local Italian restaurant in Służewiec. The children’s corner is rather small but full of interesting toys, thanks to which parents will gain some time to eat a meal in peace.

The advantages of the premises include equipment (chairs for children and a changing table) and a menu that includes not only pizza and pasta but also fish and meat dishes. An additional attraction is the Saturday workshop, during which the youngest become chef’s assistants and can participate in making pizza.

Videlec, ul. Grojecka 194

In Videlec we will find a large children’s corner, where material swings and a huge blackboard wall for smudging with chalk make a sensation. The children’s area has been discreetly separated from the room, but it is close enough that you can keep an eye on your children.

The toilet is equipped with a changing table, wet wipes and toys. Videlec also does not disappoint in terms of cooking – the menu is full of children’s favorite dishes, such as tomato soup, chicken soup, pasta with tomatoes and chicken.

We try to make a lot of recommendations about life in Poland and especially about some great places to visit in Warsaw. Check out also our list about exclusive restaurants in Warsaw or vegetarian-friendly places in the capital.

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