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The Most Exclusive and Expensive Restaurants in Warsaw

Last updated on September 8, 2019

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We wrote other posts about cheap places for a beer in Warsaw, but maybe it’s time to show you the other side 🙂 There are a lot of really great and posh restaurants in Warsaw where you can spend unforgettable time. Maybe you want to go there for a special occasion like engagement? Or maybe you simply would like to treat yourself some something new and extraordinary? Whatever reason you have, I have created this list of most exclusive and expensive restaurants in Warsaw for you.

Signature, ul. Poznańska 15

The restaurant offers a unique concept where it invites famous stars to participate. Polish stars, such as Małgorzata Socha or Borys Szyc, took part in order to create some of the best dishes for this restaurant. The dishes created by them and prepared by the skillful cooks are now to be ordered by the guests. As you can imagine, the prices are not the lowest ones. You can expect to pay around 30-40 PLN for a starter and 70-80 PLN for a main course. The restaurant is among the ones recommended by the Michelin Guide 🙂


Atelier Amaro, ul. Agrykola 1

Probably one of the best places in Warsaw if not in Poland. In 2013 it was awarded a Michelin Star for its extraordinary cuisine. The owner of the restaurant – Wojciech Modest Amaro is also one of the judges of the top culinary programme – Top Chef. After such introduction, I guess you have no doubts about the quality of the food 😉 I guess you also have no doubts about high prices there 😉 The restaurant tries to focus its food on forgotten traditions and bio ingredients. If you would like to go there for dinner you can choose from 2 options:

  • 6 moments – for 290 PLN (lasts around 2,5 hours)
  • 9 moments – for 380 PLN (lasts around 3,5 hours)

You can also go there for lunch where prices are “slightly” cheaper 😉 Enjoy !

Bistro de Paris, Plac Piłsudskiego 9

Are you a big fan of a French cuisine? What better place to try it out then in a restaurant run by an amazing French cook? The restaurant is owned by probably my favorite TV personality – Michelin Moran. He became famous in Poland mainly because of being a judge in a TV show Master Chef. His restaurant is famous for giving traditional French food a more modern touch. You can check some of the main course prices here. As you can see the prices are quite high – 100 PLN for the main course. You can also try for example 7 special courses of Michel cuisine – for 215 PLN.

Platter by Karol Okrasa, ul. Emilii Plater 49, Hotel Intercontinental

Another restaurant where you can enjoy culinary adventures with a Top Chef judge. Karol Okrasa is one of the best-known cooks in Poland with amazing restaurants in many places in Poland. If you would like to try some authentic Polish cuisine, enriched by some international accents, this is the place to go. For dinner, you could, for example, choose between two tasting menus:

  • 6 course for 270 PLN
  • 8 course for 330 PLN

The currently served sets include such tasty things as dumplings with duck stewed in, rabbit slowly cooked with butter, cod marinated in beer and many others !!!

U Fukiera, Rynek Starego Miasta 27

Perfect location of this place attracts constantly not only the locals but also visiting tourists. Located exactly in the center of Warsaw Old Town square makes the visit there even more unforgettable. The owner of the restaurant – Magda Gessler is another celebrity known from a famous culinary show – Masterchef. She also runs her own TV programme – Kuchenne Rewolucje where she goes to poorly managed restaurants and tries to help their owners to stand on their feet again. The restaurant has been constantly recognized by its great cuisine and therefore included within Michelin Guides. If you would like to take a look at the menu before you go, here is the link 🙂

Amber Room, Al. Ujazdowskie 13

The restaurant is located in the old palace of Sobański family, more precisely in the beautiful garden. In 2016 it was awarded a title of being the best in Poland. The menu is very impressive, therefore, I think everyone will find there something interesting. You can choose from standard a la carte menu, special weekend menu, tasting menu etc. To give you some idea about the prices I will talk about the tasting menu. The meal set for 1 person costs 280 PLN. If you add alcohol tasting to it, you need to be prepared to pay 530 PLN + 12,5% service charge per person. More information about the place and why it’s so special you can find on their website 🙂

So these are just a few suggestions from my side. Even to my own surprise, I realized that there are much more fancy restaurants in Warsaw so you might want to expand your search if the above ones do no suit you! If you go to one of them, please let us know about your experience !

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  1. Patty Granda Saviskie Patty Granda Saviskie August 28, 2019

    I like all your posts,and I love when you post recipes.I like trying all kinds of different things.I am of Polish decent but never heard of some of the things you post.Thank you.P.S.I should mention Polish and Lithuanian, mostly Polish.

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