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32 Popular Polish Songs You Have to Listen

Last updated on November 12, 2019

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As many of you live here, I thought that maybe you will get interested in learning about different popular styles and songs in Poland. There is a huge variety and of course, they might differ across the regions but let me just mention some of them 🙂 Check out our list of 32 popular polish songs 😉

Popular Polish songs – Rock

If I would like to mention all of the greatest bands of Polish rock, I do not know whether we would have enough space in this post. The music scene of Polish rock is huge and I have to admit I am a huge fan of it. So, just not to bore you I will try to mention 5 bands that I think I like the most and put some links to a few of their songs 🙂 I hope you are going to like them!


Perfect is a Polish rock band that was formed in 1977. The main vocalist that joined the group in 1980 is called Grzegorz Markowski. The band was one of the most popular in Poland in 1980s but her songs are widely recognizable even in the current times. There are many great songs that they composed but let me just mention a few of them:

  • Autobiografia
  • Kołysanka dla nieznajomej
  • Wszystko ma swój czas
  • Nie płacz Ewka

And MANY MANY others!

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Lady Pank

Again one of my favourite bands so I might be a little bit biased here. The band was formed in 1981 In Warsaw by Jan Borysewicz and Andrzej Mogielnicki. The artists got inspired by Rolling Stones and decided to create their own Polish rock group. The success was enormous! Since the creation date, the band is very successful on the Polish music scene. Some of their best songs are:

  • Zawsze tam gdzie Ty (one of my favorite popular Polish songs 😉 )
  • Kryzysowa narzeczona
  • Mniej niż zero
  • Stacja Warszawa


I went recently to their concert and even got a CD with their signatures 🙂 Wilki is a cool group that was formed in 1991 in Warsaw by Robert Gawliński. Their first CD was completed in 1992 and was sold in 1 million copies. Again, if you would like to listen to some of their songs, below I am putting an exemplary playlist for you 🙂

  • Na zawsze i na wieczność
  • Baśka
  • Urke
  • Bohema

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Dżem is a Polish group that plays a combination of Rock and Blues. It is considered to be one of the most important bands in the history of Polish rock. The group was created in 1973. Some of their most famous songs are:

  • Wehikuł czasu
  • Whisky
  • Naiwne pytania
  • Do kołyski


The band was formed in 1993 in the city of Szczecin by Piotr Banach. Their first album “Fire” from 1993 is considered to be one of the best Polish rock music albums. Some of their great hits include:

  • Moja i Twoja Nadzieja
  • Historie

Of course, I am aware I am doing here a huge injustice to some of the great Rock bands as I cannot mention each of them separately here, however, let me just mention them by name: Coma, Kult, Myslovitz, Happysad, T.Love, IRA, O.N.A, Budka Suflera ETC !!! As you can tell, the Polish Rock music scheme is huge so if you like this type of music, I am sure you will find something for yourself here 🙂

Popular Polish songs – Disco Polo

This is the type of music that people in Poland either love it or hate it. It’s a popular disco music style usually played in nightclubs and weddings (but not only). Some people consider it to be fun and cheerful, meanwhile, others think this is shallow music, not very poetic. You can love Disco Polo, you can hate Disco Polo, but one thing you cannot do: deny that it’s already part of the Polish Culture 🙂

Have you ever heard of it? 😉 Have you been to any polish wedding? It is something you will most probably hear on the majority of the weddings you go to. People normally claim they do not listen to this type of music. But once you go to a wedding you will realize that everyone knows the lyrics to the songs 😉 This music style is usually very cheeky and without too much depth but the melody simply sticks to your head.

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What are the most popular songs?

  • “Jesteś szalona” – by Boys.

Probably the most famous song of Disco Polo! In direct translation, it means “you are crazy”. And I can guarantee you that you will hardly find a Polish person who does not know this song. People normally say they do not like this song but you will see how the dance floor gets full once the band starts playing this song during the wedding 😉

  • “Przez twe oczy zielone” – by Akcent

It is especially popular nowadays! And I do not just mean popular, I mean incredibly popular! When I checked their official music clip now, it displays me the number of views… And I could not believe my eyes at first! It has over 150 million views! So I guess worth checking it out, even out of curiosity to find out what is so special about this one 😉

  • “Ona tańczy dla mnie” – by Weekend

A music hit from 6 years ago that kind of brought Disco Polo back onto the mainstream. Similarly to the previous song, it became incredibly popular on Youtube and has over 110 million views! The lyrics are quite simple and the title means exactly “She is dancing for me”. You can check the lyrics out, together with an English translation on this website.

  • “Ruda tańczy jak szalona” – by Czadoman

Czadoman is the artist who actually decided to leave pop/rock culture for disco polo. And it seems like he did not make a wrong decision at all 😉 His music hit “Ruda tańczy jak szalona” has hit 100 million views on Youtube and is among the most popular songs of this genre. Another big hit of his, however, slightly less popular is “Chodź na kolana” with nearly 50 million views.

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Other popular Polish songs

Except for the ones that I already mentioned above, you should also check out the following 10 songs that are either true classics or have been incredibly popular in recent years. So let’s get started 🙂

  • “Miłość w Zakopanem” – by Sławomir (This is one of the most popular polish songs for 2018, over 170m views on Youtube!)
  • Bałkanica” by Piersi (100m views, it was the most popular song in 2013)
  • Dziwny jest ten świat” by Czesław Niemen (the classic that cannot be missed when you talk about Polish music !)
  • Tyle słońca w całym mieście” by Anna Jantar (another great song that goes from one generation to another, sang by tragically died in a plane crash Anna Jantar)
  • “Malgośka” by Maryla Rodowicz (for years one of the most recognisable personalities of the Polish music scene and also one of the most colourful personalities in my opinion :))
  • To nie ja” – by Edyta Górniak (the song that was performed in the Eurovision contest in 1994 and won second place in the final 🙂
  • Ładne oczy masz” by Czerwone Gitary (a top Polish band that was formed in 1965 in Gdańsk, other great hits of theirs include “Dozwolone od lat osiemnastu”, “Powiedz stary gdzieś ty był” etc)
  • Chodź, pomaluj mój świat” by 2 plus 1 (this is one of the main hits of the band, however, in my opinion, you should also check out for example, “Windą do nieba”)
  • Co mi Panie dasz” by Bajm (a really cool band that has been performing for many years. If you watch this video, you should also watch some current ones of Bajm, just to see by how much the main singer has changed over the years :))
  • Piosenka księżycowa” by Varius Manx (this is actually one of my favourite songs in a little bit calmer and emotional style so if you like this kind of style you should check it out)

Final words

As usual with this type of posts, my list is a little bit subjective in some ways as some other people might have put totally different songs. I hope you have enjoyed our list of popular Polish songs and that you have noticed how full of different music styles.

Maybe it will help you to find your favourite artists in Poland, who knows 🙂 If so, you can check out another post that we wrote Concerts in Poland: What? Which? Where? where you can check the upcoming concerts! Many of these groups are still performing so you can go and see them live 🙂


  1. Phil Richards Phil Richards July 17, 2019

    Interesting blog. I came across it through a google search for the Polish language exam. I must admit that we have very different tastes in music 😉 but I like your writing style. For what it’s worth, as a top ten of Polish music I would have written something like Myslovitz, Brodka, Smolik, Chlopcy z Placu Broni, Mela Koteluk, Woo Woo Woo, Marek Grechuta, Panieneczki, Old Time Radio and Raz, Dwa, Trzy, but it’s true that your list is more representative of what you will hear on TV and radio.

    Anyway, keep up the good work i pozdrawiam:)

    • Dagmara Dagmara Post author | July 17, 2019

      Thanks Phil! I am glad you enjoy our blog ! I hope you will like our future articles as well 🙂 feel free to join us on FB as well where we post more things about Polish language, places to visit, funny memes etc! You will find us under the same name – PartnersOnTheRoad !

  2. anaya anaya August 7, 2019

    thank you for this amazing article this is very helpful

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