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7 Famous Polish Companies

Last updated on November 29, 2019

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So as we became curious about Polish companies making success internationally, we’ve decided to make some research 🙂 Some of the answers we found out were kind of obvious, the others a little less. Let’s see whether you knew all of them 🙂



A company from the clothing industry. An unquestionable leader in the field of clothing and footwear. It is very well known in Poland with its 150 operating stores, but not only! It is operating in a huge number of countries worldwide with nearly 100 stores opened worldwide outside of Poland. When I choose on their website a country I want to go to, this is what appears:


I mean I knew they were big, but hey, I didn’t know about the actual size 🙂



Shoes? Yes, shoes please 🙂 So as you can guess, this is our big company in the footwear industry. The company that was founded only in 1996 is making a huge success not only in Poland but also internationally. According to the data published on their website, they have over 950 stores worldwide and employ over 13 000 people!!

You can see their full range of operations by clicking on the following link. In general, they have two types of operations i.e. either own stores or franchise. Besides Poland, they operate in such countries as Germany, Greece, Austria, Russia and MANY others!


Ok, Maspex, Maspex, I read the name and actually I could not associate it with anything… But then I started reading about its products and I suddenly realized that yes, of course, I know them! So who of you have tried products like Kubus or Tymbark? Still nothing? Let’s try other products: Lubella? Have you added the lovely pasta to your dishes? Or maybe you used Tiger energy drink to help you keep energized during work or study sessions? All that I have mentioned and many many more are the products of the company operating under the name Maspex 🙂 What about the countries it operates in? Well, there is a huge number of them including USA, Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, Australia etc 🙂 According to the company website – more than 30% of their incomes come from the international sale.



Another company from the food industry that made the international success. This time a producer of dairy products and not only milk but also butter, yoghurts, cheese etc. The whole range of products you can find here. The company has a much longer tradition than the 3 ones that I mentioned before and actually started its operations in 1928! According to the company website, it is currently the largest dairy group in Central and Eastern Europe. It operates in 144 countries worldwide and employs 5000 skilled workers!

PKN Orlen


A slightly different business than the other four mentioned above 🙂 PKN Orlen is a major oil refiner and petrol retailer. It has its main operations in Poland (34% of the retail market), Czech Republic (21% share), Germany (6% share) and Lithuania (5% market share) etc. It owns over 2700 petrol stations. According to the company website, this is how the share of its revenues look like split by countries of operations:

Poland – 43,9%

Germany – 17,8%

Czech Republic – 13,7%

Baltic countries – 8,2%

Others – 16,4%

The company achieved 95,364 m PLN revenues in 2017 and employees over 20 000 people! Not bad right?


Inglot is a company particularly interesting for the girls out there 🙂 The company is very famous for their cosmetics and makeup items. I particularly love it!

The company was founded in 1983 and its headquarters is currently located in Przemyśl, in Poland. The first store abroad was open in 2006, in Montreal, Canada. Since then it has expanded even more, with over 800 stores spread in more than 80 countries around the world.

Inglot is considered to be among the most success makeup companies in the world. Still today, 95% of the products they have on offer are manufactured in a facility located in przemyśl.

CD Projekt

CD Projekt became world-wide known due their The Witcher video game series, which was developed by thei CD Projekt Red division.

If you’re into computer games, you have probably already heard of The Witcher. The series has been so successful that as of March 2018 they had sold over 33 million copies worldwide.

In 2019, the movie The Witcher will be released, which is based on the video game series. The main character will be played by none other than Henry Cavill, who played Superman 🙂 Can you now imagine the importance of The Witcher?

The video game series, in turn, was based on a book series by Andrzej Sapkowski.

CD Projekt was founded in 1994 and its headquarters is currently located in Warsaw.

So, how many of these companies did you know? Are there any others that you can see in your countries? 🙂 Please do not hesitate and share with us! Please also have a look at another article that you might find interesting – 9 Famous Polish People Around the World 🙂

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