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The Most Useful Websites and Apps in Poland

Last updated on September 8, 2019

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Inspired by a discussion topic I saw recently in the group “Brasileiros na Polônia”, I have decided to make a post summarizing the most useful websites and apps in Poland. I took some suggestions from the aforementioned topic – thank you Brazilian crew 😉 – and added some of my own as well. I hope you guys enjoy it. 😉

As some of you might know, I have been living in a couple of countries and therefore I always had to look for websites that locals use in order to do basic stuff. In order to make things easier for you, I have listed the most useful websites and apps for those living in Poland.

Enjoy the read! 🙂

Food Delivery

  • Pizza Hut Delivery – For the fans of a good pizza. I confess that Pizza Hut is my favourite place to eat pizza 🙂
  • KFC Delivery – KFC also has their delivery system here in Poland. Enjoy it!
  • (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you suddenly get hungry and you cannot be bothered cooking or leaving your house, this is the website that we use to order food delivery. It is very convenient and it has an application you can download. This one of the most useful websites for when you are “hangry” 😉
  • Uber Eats (Website, Apple,  Android) – Promotional code: eats-67dw7ue – I guess I do not have to mention too much what this website is about :). It is however slightly less popular than, as it is still expanding in Poland.
  • Pizza Portal (Website, Apple,  Android) – This is one more option for food delivery. Note that they deliver different types of food, not only pizza. We have never ordered anything with them, but other people recommended their service 😉

Food Shopping Delivery

  • Auchan Direct – If you do not want to go to a big shopping centre and stand in the queue to do your weekly shopping, this can be useful for you! Just order your food online and get it delivered to your home. We do shopping at Auchan all the time, however mainly in the physical store as we live close by. Prices are very reasonable and there is a huge variety. For the ones having cars, it is probably the cheapest place you will find to fill in your tank 😉
  • Frisco and Tesco – Two more options of supermarket who delivers your shopping directly to your home.


  • (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you’re looking for a job in Poland, can help you out. It’s one of the main apps in Poland for such goal. It has job posts covering different areas, but be aware that they are usually written in Polish.
  • Kalkulator Wynagrodzeń (Apple,  Android) – So you’ve gone through the hustle of finding a new job and now you have a formal job offer, a common question is: how much am I going to receive net? Well, with this simple app you can easily have that information on the palm of your hands. We also have a net salary calculator here on our blog 😉


  • Otodom (Website, AppleAndroid) – Are you looking for an apartment to rent in Warsaw? Or maybe you want to buy a house in Krakow? Whatever is your case, this website (and app) is there to help you out 😉
  • Gratka (WebsiteApple, Android) – The same as otodom, just another option in case you’re not convinced by the apartments you’ve found in the first website.
  • OLX (Website, AppleAndroid) – OLX is a very diverse marketplace. It’s another option in case you’re looking for an apartment. Besides that, there are offers of cars, animals, smartphones, and services.
  • Gumtree  (WebsiteAppleAndroid) – Similarly to OLX, this is a very diverse marketplace. People also use this website/app in order to search for apartments.
  • Otomoto (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Are you looking for a used car or motorcycle? Well, this is the perfect website for you to find it 😉

Online Shopping

  • Allegro (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Something very similar to eBay and Amazon.
  • Ceneo (Website, Apple,  Android) – Great website to compare the prices of many products such as electronics, clothes, jewellery, etc, in many different shops. You can pretty much find everything that you can think of. It allows you to find your favourite product for the best price possible across all the stores 🙂 In my opinion, this is one of the most useful websites and apps on this list, and I have to say that I constantly use it.
  • Zalando (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you like to buy clothes and accessories online, it’s worth checking Zalando’s website/app.
  • Perfumes – Buying perfumes online is a good way to save a considerable amount of money. Seriously, I have once bought a perfume for half of the price that I saw on a physical store. There are different websites where you can buy perfumes online, but the main ones are Perfumesco, and iPerfumy . I recommend checking the prices in each one of them and looking for the cheapest option.


  • Groupon (Website, Apple, Android) – This is another option we use not only in Warsaw but also when we travel to other countries. If you’re unsure of what to do, Groupon can be a useful tool for inspiration 😉
  • Moja Gazetka (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you’re the type who likes to read booklets, this is the way to go! They provide booklets of different stores, such as supermarkets, McDonald’s and Saturn. Take a look at them before going to your favourite supermarket.
  • Pepper (Website, Apple,  Android) – This is one of my favourite places to check for the latest online offers. It’s just great! You can search for a specific item that you want to buy, or you can create an alert so they will warn you when an offer for that particular item is posted. I find it really useful, and at times I just check it out to see what’s going on.
  • Qpony (Website, Apple,  Android) – I guess it is always better to spend less money whenever possible, right? 😉 With this app, you can have access to coupons from many different stores. If you fancy eating at McDonald’s, you can simply check what promotional coupons are available beforehand. Welcome to the world of discount coupons!
  • Rossmann (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Something for the ladies but not only 😉 Rossmann is one of the leading stores in Poland that sells mainly cosmetics but they also sell home stuff, clothes, some snacks, etc. I would highly recommend you getting the application on your phone and register yourself. By doing this you will be eligible for many discounts on a regular basis that are only given to club members. Whenever you do your shopping at Rossmann, remember to show the clerk your client card, which is available in the app.


  • Jakdojade (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Probably one of the most commonly used websites for transportation. It is available in many polish cities and allows you to check the public transportation schedules. It is much more accurate than Google Maps as even if there are some road works in the city, it gets updated. Inside the app it’s also possible to buy transport tickets, how cool is that!
  • Mobilet (WebsiteAppleAndroid) – A really useful application which is an alternative to paper tickets for public transportation in cities like Warsaw. Forget about looking for a ticket machine to get your ticket. Simply download this app on your phone and add credit. Whenever you pick up a bus or a tram simply buy a ticket through the app.
  • Veturilo (WebsiteApple,  Android) – A very useful app for bike lovers in Warsaw. If you like cycling and you do not have your own bike then Warsaw city bikes is a great alternative. I would recommend you download the app on your phone, register yourself and add credit onto your account. The prices are very reasonable – up to 20 min it is free, up to 1 hour you pay only 1 zl. It is also very widely accessible throughout the whole city!
  • Skycash (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Skycash is an app with many functionalities. With it, you’re able to pay for public parking, buy public transport tickets, buy tickets for PKP Intercity, recharge your credits in your smartphone and more.
  • Mytaxi (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Promotional code (20 PLN): rafael.mei1 – A good taxi app that offers a discount in case you pay your ride through the app.
  • Uber (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Promotional code (first ride for free): 67dw7ue – This app is no surprise, but since I’ve added a taxi app, I decided to add Uber as well. Use my invitation code that you receive the first ride for free: 67dw7ue.
  • Yanosik (WebsiteApple,  Android) – Yanosik is a navigation system that also contains information about radars that could be in your way.
    Car sharing apps – This is a type of service in which you can easily rent a car through the app in order to move around the city. There are stations spread throughout the city where you can pick up a car. It’s like a taxi in which you’re the driver or it can be said as the Venturilo for cars. The different apps that offer this service are the following ones:

Travelling and Tourism

  • BlaBlaCar (Website, Apple, Android) – This is a cheap option for travelling: hitchhiking! I have already used their system, and it worked pretty well. If you want to save money, this is a good option. If you like to meet new people, this is also a good option.
  • FlixBus/Polskibus (Website, Apple,  Android) – This is a great option in case you want to check bus travel tickets. We have never used their service, but some people recommended it.
  • PKP Intercity (Website, Apple,  Android) – Website that we use to book train journeys. The quickest connections are called Express Intercity Premium (EIP) and are a very good option when you want to travel from Warsaw to Kraków, Gdansk, etc. I would recommend you register yourself since in this way you can then swap your tickets online if you suddenly realize that you cannot travel. In addition to that, for these quick trains I recommend you book 1 month in advance (the earliest booking time possible), as the price for one leg can get as low as 49 zl per person!
  • and Mleczne Podróże – Two pages that we use to check some random flight/getaway promotions. Sometimes you can get really good deals if you show some flexibility in your travel dates. One disadvantage of both of them is that they are originally written in polish. You can also look for some promotions by looking at on Wednesdays, as this is the day when they issue special offers to various locations.
  • GOEURO (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you’re planning to travel but don’t know if it’s better to go by bus, train or plane, this is the perfect solution for you! It shows the prices and different schedules for each means of transportation according to the information you provide. (Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work perfectly in Poland. I made a test searching for trip options between Warsaw and Krakow, but the website didn’t find bus or train options, only flights).
  • Warsaw Tour (Website, Apple,  Android) – So you’re coming to visit the beautiful city of Warsaw? Then use Warsaw Tour while here. It has very interesting information for tourists, and it’s in English 😉
  • Revolut (Website, Apple,  Android) – One of the issues faced while travelling to another country is dealing with a different currency. What is better? Exchange money in the currency exchange bureau or use your regular debit/credit card? None! Go for a Revolut card, which has good currency exchange rates, besides being more convenient since it’s a card, isn’t it quite useful? Recently we’ve written a post about Revolut, take a look at it!
  • Get Your Guide (Website, Apple, Android) – This is a good option when you’re searching for a paid tour. Recently, Rafa went to Krakow with his mother and he used GYG to find a tour to Auschwitz, for example. In Porto, Rafa and I made a tour through wineries located in the Rio D’ouro, also with a tour hired through GYG. We definitely recommend it!


  • Pozamiatane (Website, Apple,  Android) – Promotional code (1h free cleaning): TBR-341 – We used this website to find a cleaning lady. Of course the best and the cheapest one would be if a friend could recommend you someone, however, this is a very good alternative. We used it already a few times requesting regular cleaning twice a month, and so far we are very happy with the service provided. During the registration, enter my invitation code so that we both receive 1h free cleaning 🙂 The code is: TBR-341.
  • Reservise (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you like playing squash this is a very good app for your phone to check quickly availability of many squash centres as well as book it immediately. In Warsaw, we used it already several times to book squash courts in Blue City. According to their website, it’s also possible to do bookings for tennis, fitness, yoga and jumping parks. Have a look whether there are places close to your location as well 🙂
  • Transferwise (Website, Apple,  Android) – If you need to send money abroad, then Transferwise is the best option for you. They have great currency exchange rates and it’s a reliable service. In case you want to register yourself use this link that you and I both receive a 15-pound credit 😉

So that’s it, those are the websites and apps I consider the most important to get by in Poland. 🙂 Some of you probably have some app or website which is not on the list, I’d love to hear about them, maybe it’s also useful for me and our fellows out there. In the same manner, if you are looking for any other Polish equivalent app or website which is not in the list, please let me know in the comments and I will try to help you find it.


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